Pay pal account number

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pay pal account number

I have seen a bunch of posts on this topic, but no real answers. Also have a PAYPAL Business Debit Card. Would like to make an electronic payment to. All external communication with PayPal users and their system rely on email addresses. So, your PayPal ID, is just your email address that you use to login at PayPal. I want to use my paypal mastercard debit card for payment for and they are asking for a account number and routing number.

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They may mean your bank account number. Account numbers are for internal use only so there is no need for this number. Use this any time you are asked for a PayPal account number. Oh Good, thank you so much. If a third-party service can be used with PayPal, there would typically be special instructions for making that connection.


PayPal Accounts : How to Verify a Bank Account for PayPal How Much Data Are You Using? Share Share on Facebook. Try checking with their technical support or customer service to inquire. I was asked to enter that number when trying to deactivate the paypal credit program over the phone. Send Request Business Help Community. pay pal account number



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